Vanilla and Strawberry Rabdi

Vanilla and Strawberry Rabdi

Vanilla and Strawberry Rabdi


You can buy your Rabdi readymade at any Halwai or in the frozen section of an Indian grocery store.

Serves 4-5

1 liter milk

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 pod Vanilla bean or use a teaspoon of Vanilla extract or paste

2 cup finely chopped Mahabaleshwar strawberries or any good ruby red strawberries

6- strawberries halved


Splice open the long pod and scrape the vanilla paste from the bean. Heat the milk, sugar, vanilla pod and scraped bean paste or just extract on a low flame in a non-stick saucepan.

Keep cooking and stirring until milk has reduce to about 1.5 cups. Scrape the sides and bottom frequently to prevent burning. Remove pod and discard.

Let the Rabdi reach room temperature. Stir in chopped strawberries. Cover tightly with plastic wrap, press it down against the thickened milk to prevent a skin from forming. Chill.

Serve cold. Garnish with strawberry halves.

24 Carrot Mawa Cake

Carrot Cardamom Halwa Cake

Carrot Cardamom Halwa Cake


This cake is a cross between a traditional American carrot cake and Carrot Halwa, a very popular dessert in India made with roasted carrots, cardamom and Mawa or milk solids. Also called Khoya or Khawa you can buy these milk solids that resemble a soft crumbly cheese, fresh from a Halwai (sweetmeat maker) or frozen in an Indian grocery store.

The combination of sweet carrots, salty Mawa and cardamom is addictive.

1/2 kg red carrots, washed, scraped and shredded on medium fitting

1 tbspns melted ghee

150 grams Mawa or Khoya solids

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 eggs at room temperature

1.25 cups vegetable oil

1.5 cups granulated sugar or castor sugar

1 teaspoon ground seeds of cardamom powder or cinnamon powder

1/5 teaspoon powdered nutmeg

2 cups all purpose flour or Maida

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 tablespoons ground almonds

2 tablespoons dark raisins


Preheat oven to 350F.

Spread carrots on a baking sheet and bake on middle rack about 15 minutes until carrots have lost some of their water content and smell fragrant. Remove from oven and let cool completely.

.Set baking tray in lower rack.

Combine Mawa solids with ghee and cook in a non stick skillet on medium heat stirring constantly until mawa is warm and a little bubbly. Cool and reserve.

Sift flour, powdered spices, dark raisins, almond flour and sugar.

Add eggs, oil and vanilla and whisk thoroughly.

Add Mawa and stir. then add carrots and stir again to ensure carrots and Mawa are well distributed.

Add a tablespoon of boiling hot water to the baking soda and stir it into the batter.

Pour into a 12 by 9 inch baking tray. Baking 1.5 hours until edges of the cake start pulling away from the pan. Insert a toothpick in the center to check if the cake is baked through.

Cool completely and cut into squares.

Easy Gluten Free Coconut Lime Macaroons

Easy Gluten Free Coconut Lime Macaroons

Easy Gluten Free Coconut Lime Macaroons


This is a great way to use up leftover egg whites

Makes 20 macaroons about 1 inch wide

800 grams freshly, thick, shredded coconut or unsweetened shredded coconut

800 grams sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon zest of lime

2 egg whites, at room temperature

1/4 teaspoon salt


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line a baking tray with wax or parchment paper.

Stir together the coconut, condensed milk, and vanilla in a large bowl.

Whip the egg whites and salt on high speed with a whisk or electric mixer to form medium stiff peaks. Slowly fold the egg whites into the coconut mixture using a flat spatula.

You want to ensure they are mixed well but use a light hand so as not to deflate the egg whites.

Use two tablespoons or an ice cream scoop to scoop the mixture in portions on the parchment.

Bake for 250-30 minutes, until golden brown. Cool and serve.

Keep in an airtight box for 2-3 days.

Candied Walnuts and Pecans

Candied Walnuts and Pecans

Candied Walnuts and Pecans


A great way to use leftover egg whites. These candied nuts are excellent in salads, with hot fudge sundaes, as a cocktail appetizer and a snack when you feel like grazing.

2 egg whites

250 grams walnuts, skins lightly removed or pecan wholes

1/4 cup sugar powder in a mixer

1/2 teaspoon salt

Optional powdered cumin/cayenne pepper/chai masala/pumpkin pie spice mix/allspice/Tabasco sauce/habanero sauce


Preheat oven to 350F.

Mix the nuts with the egg whites in a large bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Lay out the nuts one by one on the parchment lined trays. Bake 25 minutes or until golden, fragrant and crisp.

Cool completely and refrigerate in airtight boxes, bottles or zipped bags. Keeps for several weeks -if you can resist them!