Byculla Soufflé

Byculla Soufflé

Byculla Soufflé


The iconic Byculla Souffle was the signature dish of the elite Byculla Club (1833-1920). Prepared with copious amounts of liqueur including Kummel, Chartreuse, Curacao, and Benedictine you can make it dark rum, Amaretto, Grand Marnier or a combination of other sweetened liqueurs. If you prefer you could also just flavor it with vanilla extract.

Serve 6-7 persons

• Chilled heavy whipping Cream 1 cup

• WholeMilk 2 cups

• Sugar 2½ tbsp.

• Gelatin 2 teaspoons

• Vanilla Essence 1.5 teaspoons or 2 tablespoons of your favorite liquers

• 3 Egg whites

3 egg yolks lightly whisked

• Almond Toffee/chikki/nougat crushed 4 tablespoons


For the gelatin

Sprinkle the gelatin evenly across the surface of 1.5 tablespoons of room temperature water.

Do not stir this mixture. Just let rest until the gelatin looks puffy about 8-10 minutes.

Place the bowl in a larger bowl or saucepan with enough hot water to come halfway up the bowl. Let the bowl sit in the hot water until gelatin has dissolved. Don’t stir it.

To make the custard:

In a double boiler, over a slow flame dissolve the sugar in the milk. When the milk reaches a boil pour a little over the whisked egg yolks while whisking continuously. The in a slow trickle add the rest and keep stirring. Return mixture from bowl to double boiler on a slow flame. Keep stirring. Add vanilla and keep stirring until milk begins to thicken.

Do not increase the flame or the custard may curdle.

Once you have a thick custard (it will thicken as it cools as well), remove immediately from flame and pour through a fine sieve into a glass bowl to remove any eggy bits and to stop it from cooking in the hot saucepan. To know if you have thickened the custard adequately run a spatula across the bottom. If the custard parts in the center you should stop cooking it. Stir in the gelatine and whisk throughly.

Cover the custard tightly with plastic wrap, press the plastic wrap directly over the custard, to prevent a skin from forming on the custard. Refrigerate 2 hours.

Remove the cooling custard from the fridge. Discard plastic wrap and gently using a whisk stir the custard.

If you want to add alcohol to this custard now is the time. When thoroughly incorporated, cover custard with plastic wrap tightly, pressing down so the plastic touches the surface of the custard and return to the refrigerator for a half hour.

To assemble the cold soufflé:

Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks. Whip the chilled cream to soft peaks.

Remove the custard from the refrigerator and whip in the cream until well incorporated. Use a spatula to do this. The ideal motion is a figure of 8.

Then using a gentle and inward motion whisk the egg whites into the custard. Pour into a large bowl 1.5 liter bowl or 6-8 individual glasses or cups of your choice, cover tightly and refrigerate 5-6 hours.

Top with almond praline and more whipped cream (if desired) just before serving.

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