Totapuri Tequila Mango Sorbet

Totapuri Tequila Mango Sorbet

Totapuri Tequila Mango Sorbet

Totapuri Mango


Totapuri is a unique mango with a distinct flavor and shape that grows mostly in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. it has a thick skin, is very aromatic and high in sugar. Called Tota or parrot because of its odd parrot head shape this mango also has a conspicuous flavor that sets it apart from many other mangoes during the season.

Alcohol has a lower freezing point than water and helps to produce a smooth and less icy dessert. You can omit the alcohol if you prefer.

In warm weather, sorbets melt very quickly so scoop out what you want and return the box to the fridge and soon as possible. Better still store in smaller containers so you freeze and unfreeze less

There is a science to making a good sorbet. Here are a few tips before you begin.

Use good fruit- as sweet and aromatic as you can find. It is the key and only real ingredient in the sorbet so it must be good.

The higher the natural sugar content of the fruit the less refined sugar you have to add.

Fruits high in pectin produce good sorbets- stone fruit like peaches, berries and apple.

Pectin is a natural thickening agent so when the sorbet freezes it sets quickly and you get a velvet texture. So the ideal fruit is one that is sweet, aromatic and has pectin. Mango is low in pectin but its thick pulp, aroma and high sugar content still make it a good contender.

Sorbets made from pulpy fruit and compotes are far better than those made from juices where the water content is high, like say pomegranate or watermelon juice. Both these fruits have a high sugar content but also a high water content.

If you want these flavours in a sorbet I'd recommend combining it with a fruit pulp like apple which has a mild flavour but lots of pectin.

The ideal sugar concentrate for a smooth sorbet of water to sugar is 20%-30% sugar that is about 3/4:1 ratio but in a warm climate like ours I do a 25%. If you want to really get this right use a refractometer, which will tell you what the percentage of sugar in your sorbet mixture is.

You can also believe it or not float a raw whole egg in your sorbet puree. Lightly run the are egg in some water. Then place it in the centre of your prepared and cooled puree. If it floats your puree is thick enough to go into the ice cream maker.

Makes 2.5 cups of sorbet

1 kg ripe Totapuri mango pulp, chilled (or use available mangoes)

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

2 tbsp corn syrup

2 tbsp Tequila (optional)

1/2 tablespoon fresh lime juice


Set the mango pulp to cook on a low heat in a non stick pan and cook until it loses 25% of its volume and becomes thick. Cool completely.

Heat water and sugar in a pan on medium heat and cook until volume reduces by half. Do not brown the sugar and avoid stirring it, only swirl the pan if required. Cool completely.

Add cooled sugar syrup, corn syrup, Tequila and lime juice to cold mango pieces in a blender and purée until smooth.

Cover tightly and refrigerate 4-5 hours.

Put this mixture into your ice cream maker and follow manufacturers instructions.

Store sorbet in an airtight container.