Vegan Yogurt Recipe 1

Vegan Yogurt

Vegan Yogurt



For 2-3 portions

This recipe uses easily available ingredients that you can buy almost anywhere in India and tastes delicious. It's also exceedingly simple to make. But if you don't like coconut this isn't for you. This yogurt produces a texture that's a bit like homemade yogurt. Ive used this yogurt to make curries as well and it also lends richness and body to them in a way that regular milk based yogurt does.

Ask your nariyal paani wallah to give you the meat of the coconut prepared and probiotic tablets are available at almost any chemist.

200 grams cup young all white tender coconut meat

2-4 tbsp fresh coconut water (you can drink the rest)

1/2 tsp lime juice (measure this as too much will kill the probiotics)

2 probiotic supplements


Best to prepare this recipe late the previous night. Pick any brown fibers off the white meat.

Place the meat and lime juice in a blender and blend until smooth. Add 2 tbsp coconut water and blend again in the until smooth.

Pour into a small mixing bowl. Break open the capsules of probiotic supplements and stir into the tender coconut puree. Add some more coconut water. The mixture should be soft and a bit oozy. It will grow in size. It will also firm up once chilled.

Cover with a damp cheesecloth or a clean wet cotton kitchen towel and let it sit in a dark, cool room for 8 hours. if its very hot and humid I would reduce this to 5- hours. Then cover and chill for a few hours.

Stir and scoop into bowls.

This tastes lovely as is, with granola or fresh fruit, honey and almonds. Try it with my gluten free Konkan Granola.