There was a time when we didn’t get cream cheese in India.

This didn’t stop us from making cheesecake. My mom bought the freshest paneer and made a delicious refrigerated cheesecake without eggs or gelatin. Depending on the season it was topped with fresh strawberries or mango even peaches. I tweaked the recipe a bit by freezing the cheesecake for a few hours. It gives you a wonderful texture and is a delight to eat in a hot Mumbai summer. Today we have dozens of brands both local and imported and so many cheesecakes- New York, Basque, Japanese and more but the simplicity of this one makes it timeless. If you don’t have mango jam add an extra tablespoon of icing sugar and a drop of mango food colour.


8 inch cheesecake springform pan 2.5-3 inches deep lined with parchment paper

450 gram fresh paneer

5 tablespoons icing or confectioners sugar

3 tablespoons heavy whipping cream mixed with a tablespoon of thick mango jam

3 tablespoons of fresh mango puree and more to serve if desired

100 ml thick heavy whipping cream, chilled

1 package of digestive biscuits powdered

1 stick or 113 grams of melted butter


100 ml cream whipped to stiff peaks

4 ripe but firm Alphonso mangoes diced or fresh strawberry compote


Mix the powdered digestives and butter today until well incorporated. Scatter the mixture into the parchment lined springform pan and press the crumbs down to form a smooth and even base.

You may bake this if you choose for 12 minutes at 350F or just refrigerate it so it sets.

In a food processor blitz the paneer, mango puree, whipping cream, mango jam and 3 tablespoons confectioners sugar several times until you have a thick and completely smooth puree.

Using a stand or hand mixer whip the cream to stiff peaks with the remaining confectioners sugar.

Whisk into the paneer mixture gently so as not to deflate the cream but make sure to incorporate it evenly.

Pour this mixture over the crumbs base and smoothen the top. Smack the pan gently on the counter so the batter settles evenly. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 2 hours then freeze for 4 hours.

Using a thin blade loosen the sides of the cheesecake from the pan very carefully. Unmold onto a serving tray or cake plate. Top with mango pieces, puree and more whipped cream.

Serve with mango puree on the side if you prefer. For the making of video visit my reels on instagram @deshpandetara

Mango paneer cheesecake