Cooking Classes In New York City

If you would like to be an assistant and get 50% of the class please email us.

Rare Culinary Gems of India

Everyone has eaten a Goan Vindaloo but have you tried the Parsi Fish Vindaloo?

Prepare 3 dishes you will find on no restaurant menu in NYC.A Vermicelli mixed Seafood Biryani (yes there is such a thing) from the Bhatkal Muslim community of Karnataka, a delicious white Pandra Rassa  from Maharashtra- a brothy white lamb stew and the Parsi Fish Vindaloo served with a Parsi toor dal khichdi (lentil and rice stew). We will use shellfish in this class.

$110 pp max 8

11-2.30 pm

Demo and some participation


Vegan India

3 vegan dishes are complete meals and so good,  a non-vegetarian will crave them. A robust, golden Sindhi kadi made with a  chick pea flour roux and vegetables, Karnataka’s most famous dish the Bisebelebaath- India’s version of risotto and the Kerala classic, Avial stew with fermented rice batter dosas.

$95pp max 8

Saturday 11-2.30 pm

Demo and some participation


  • As these classes are conducted at my home we request you to only photograph the food.
  • Please carry a change of shoes with you- closed shoes for the duration of the class.
  • Please carry take away boxes.
  • Recipes will be emailed to you. Please carry a copy.